Our Services

Many biotech companies — especially start-ups — typically do not have the financial resources to hire senior, full-time IP counsel with the experience in managing a company’s legal patent matters. That’s where InHouse Patent Counsel comes in. We’re here to help life sciences companies translate their scientific innovation into commercialization by providing complete patent, trademark and copyright law services on a part-time or as-needed basis.

We realize that an IP portfolio is one of the most important assets of a biotech company. With our expertise as former head of patents and litigation, we provide the know-how to develop an overall IP strategy which is so critical to success in this highly competitive industry.

Companies that hire outside firms with extraordinarily high attorney fees may be forced to break up a project in order to control costs. This puts them at a strategic disadvantage since the entire portfolio is not considered all at once, often resulting in a delay of strategy implementation. At InHouse Patent Counsel, we can avoid this disjointed workflow by providing fee arrangements that are efficient and substantially lower than larger law firms.

Since we consider ourselves part of your team, we’ll be highly committed and work closely with your company to gain a complete understanding of your science and business needs. We’ll even work on-site if necessary.